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This was such a beautiful essay, John!! The imagery of the lamplit room in that lovely little bookshop sent a searing pang of yearning, like a sharply plucked harp string, vibrating through my heart.

I've only just days ago begun reading "Meditations on the Tarot" - having ordered it last July and then set it aside - it's a bit hard 'going' for my abilities, but wonderfully worth the effort. I haven't been reading it linearly, but rather skipping back & forth among the letters, and I just have to share with your readers here:

In letter 20, on "The Judgement" card (on page 572 of my copy) Tomberg, expounding on man's free will and understanding "The Lord's Prayer", says, "God acts on the Earth only through our free will freely united with his. Miracles are not proofs of divine omnipotents, but rather of the omnipotents of the 'alliance' of divine will and human will."

In other words Tomberg is somewhat expressing the idea that even in the case of 'God's will being done', our prayers are necessary in order to 'empower' God to intervene on Earth.

So...perhaps it might be 'needed' that we pray for the return of this Godly Emperor whom we would all gladly follow to a new beginning?

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